Top Richest Lawyers of the World (2022)


Many professions can make money, and a lawyer is someone who can both earn money and the respect of others. And this profession has an enormous demand. For that reason, billions of people choose law degrees worldwide. Here in this article, we are talking about the top five lawyers who are rich.


There are millions of lawyers in the whole world. , But we will highlight the top five lawyers on the list of wealthy people. Let’s reveal their names. But wait, we have a lot of things to know about them. We will share all details regarding them and their life.

Top Richest Lawyers?

In the US, you will find thousands of lawyers. But we are here only to focus on the top five wealthy lawyers. Let’s know their names. We are sharing everything below;


1. Robert Shapiro


Birth date1942, 2nd September
Age79 years
ProfessionA lawyer related to attorney and entrepreneur
Wife nameLinell Thomas
Net worth$120 million

Let’s first talk about Robert Shapiro. He appeared in the fifth spot on our list. He first got attention on the team of Simpson means O.J. Simpson. He got involved with them at the time of the murder of Simpson’s ex-wife. He appeared as a lawyer of J.Carson’s side. This one case is something that gives his career a push from both sides, wealth and fame.

He is also an entrepreneur. He balances his law career with entrepreneur ventures. His total net worth of him is nearly around $120 million. He is a member and founder of three organizations: ShoeDazzle, LegalZoom, and proper counsel. He also tried his hand on the screen, and he appeared on T.V and on the silver screen.

In those genres, he also won many awards for his film. His film is also celebrated in various film festivals, adding a little glamor. But in the year 2005, a tragic downfall happens in his career. In that year, his son died of a drug overdose. It made him a little weak, but he came back with an idea. He wrote an anti-drug book named Some, which says no. 

From that time, he found another organization named the Brent Shapiro foundation. Also, in this venture, Pickford loft assists him and helps to rehabilitate drug-addicted people. Though after all these, he worked as the best defense lawyer. In the case of Erik Menendez, he appeared as a defense lawyer and handled the case in the utmost professional manner.

He had two sons named Brent and Grant. After brent’s death, he got a lot affected and got involved with anti-drug activities. He called his foundation in his son’s name and tried to spread a lot of awareness among them. There are different remarkable cases like Erik and Lyle, the Simpson murder case, and the possibility of Steve Wynn. He is always a preferred choice of celebrities in other fields.


In his legal career, he worked with Eva, Rob, occidental, Rockstar, diamond resort, Malibu, W. C Rader, etc. His name also appeared on the influential lawyer list in the National law journal. 


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