Top Richest Lawyers of the World (2022)


10. William Lerach

NameWilliam Bill Shannon Lerach       
Famously known asThe knee-capper of corporate America
Age41 years
Birthday14 March 1946
Place of birthOhio River Valley, Midwestern
Net Worth$900 Million
SpouseMichelle Ciccarelli Star Soltan
  • William Lerach, also known as Bill Lerach, is a former Australian attorney. With a net worth of about $900 million, he specializes in lawsuits concerning private securities. Mr. Bill was born on 14 March 1946. 
  • He is well-known for defeating lawsuits against some American big-shots of the business world. Mr. Bill has been considered among the top securities attorneys in the world for more than three decades, spearheading the proceedings of numerous class actions that netted deceived stockholders for billion-dollar settlements. 
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  • WorldCom, Dynegy, Enron, AOLTW, and Qwest are some famous lawsuits in which Mr. Bill has earned incredible success. 
  • Mr. Bill was well-known in law as the “knee-capper of corporate America.” One of the primary highlights of his career was in the year 1998 when he was chosen to serve the United States Holocaust Memorial Council by Bill Clinton. In addition, Mr. Bill was one of the main faces who stopped RJ Reynolds’ Joe Camel advertising campaign. He is an alumnus of Pittsburgh University, where he pursued his under graduation along with his law degree. 
  • Mr. Bill was acknowledged with the “Legacy Laureate” honor on behalf of Pittsburgh University in the year 2005. He has also made significant monetary contributions to state and federal Democratic Party groups. 
  • Mr. Bill admitted to hiding illicit transactions from a client in 2007 and was sentenced to surrender $7.75 million. Furthermore, he received a 2-year jail sentence. 
  • He also lost his license in 2009 due to this case. His prosecution and imprisonment were in charge of Judge John F. Walter. However, he is now enjoying his retirement life in La Jolla. 
  • He is mainly known these days for spending his time teaching, farming, caring for a gallery of traditional arts, and participating in charitable projects. 
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  • He has taken a lot of lectures and discussed his profession, his several heroic struggles against significant corporate corruption, and other relevant topics in some of the top-notch law schools of America post-retirement.

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