Top Richest Lawyers of the World (2022)


7. John Branca

NameJohn Gregory Branca
Famously known asBlanket
Age71 years
Birthday11 December 1950
Place of birthBronxville, New York
Net Worth$100 Million
SpouseJenna Hurt
  • John Branca possesses a total asset of $100 million and is acknowledged amongst the top commercial and entertainment lawyers worldwide. 
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  • He also specializes in overseeing and defending autonomous financiers, private record companies, rock and roll artists, and music licensing organizations. 
  • Branca is, at present, the director of The Michael Jackson Company. He is even the joint executor of MJ’s Estate. 
  • Plenty of Branca’s agreements serve as precedents on an international level for the music business. 
  • Also, Mr. John is famous for assisting musicians in their quests to regain copyrights and tangibly obtain compensation. Above all, he has climbed the ranks through planning the sales of many incredible music publishers and song portfolios.
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  • Mr. John has been a partner head in the Ziffren Brittenham, a music industry law firm. He is among the few lawyers listed in the Best Lawyers in America’s consecutive iterations. Furthermore, in 2019, Mr. John was ranked as the top entertainment lawyer globally by Marquis Who’s Who. Mr. John successfully negotiated some of the most pioneering recordings, traveled, and worked on deal publications for several musicians. 
  • No wonder he w as declared the “Lawyer of the Year” by Billboard as well. You will be surprised to know that Mr. John played a crucial role in exhibiting and promoting MJ’s Thriller movie.
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  • Mr. John belongs to the beautiful village of Bronxville, New York. Coming to his education, Mr. John is an alumnus of Occidental College, University of California, Los Angeles, and Los Angeles City College. 
  • Moreover, he is appointed as a trustee for Occidental College and is also known for raising funds for the University of California’s Athletic team. When Michel Jackson terminated Mr. Josheph Jackson, he appointed Mr. John as his manager. 
  • Michel Jackson was also successful in buying ATV Music by Mr. John. He also played a significant role in merging ATV and Sony. Later, it developed into the biggest autonomous musical distributor worldwide. 
  • Furthermore, he has risen to prominence as a vocal supporter of shielding the departed from slander by working and representing Jackson’s Estate.

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