Top Richest Lawyers of the World (2022)


6. Willie E. Gary

Famously known asThe Giant Killer
Age74 years
Birthday12 July 1947
Place of birthEastman, Georgia, United States
Net Worth$215 Million
SpouseGloria Gary
Most famous cases$23 billion case against R.J. Reynolds Lawsuit against Disney Lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch
  • Famously known as the “Giant Killer,” Mr. Gary has a net worth of $215 Million. Along with being a revolutionary attorney from Georgia, he is an entrepreneur. Forbes included him under the list of “top 50 US attorneys.” 
  • Furthermore, Ebony magazine considers him amongst the “100 most influential African-Americans.” He is most reputed for his tendency to compete with and defeat huge corporations, including Disney. 
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  • Mr. Gary received agreements totaling $30 billion throughout his professional life. Even now, he is regarded among the top defense lawyers in the USA. 
  • However, his extraordinary charisma results from his will to excel alongside intense discipline and ethics, which he cultivated due to his humble origins.
  • Mr. Gary’s unrelenting ambition to attend higher education eventually took him to Shaw University in North Carolina. In addition, he later rose to the position of vice-captain for the university’s football squad for three consecutive years. 
  • He obtained his Bachelor’s in BA with a Juris Doctor from North Carolina Central University in 1974. Mr. Gary and his partners established Florida’s first black legal office. 
  • Since then, his business has subsequently expanded further into successful US collaboration, which currently includes 21 lawyers, a group of solicitors, and more than 50 experts on board. 
  • Mr. Gary has been known to attempt cases in 45 regions. He is overwhelmingly popular as a powerful orator throughout America, conveying talks at law universities, churches, business firms, and different gatherings nationwide and abroad. 
  • He is a well-known social activist who devotes most of his time to philanthropy and charitable causes. He is dedicated to improving youngsters’ life through quality education and by helping them fight drug addiction. 
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  • Therefore, in 1994, Mr. Gary and his better half established The Gary Foundation to achieve this challenging goal.
  • Mr. Gary’s remarkable professional life and vigorous work for the benefit of his clients have been documented on a few TV programs. Furthermore, he was also invited to the famous “The Oprah Winfrey Show.”

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