Top Richest Lawyers of the World (2022)


5. Wichai Thongtang


Birth date1948
Net worth$2 billion
ProfessionalLawyer and investor
Relationship statusWidowed

Finally, we are revealing the name of the wealthiest lawyers. His name is Wichai Thongtang

. He is a lawyer based in Thailand and initially represented the Thai prime minister, and th is case and the whole story is a trademark in Thailand. He began his practice in 1970. At present, he is the chairman of his eponymous international law firm. Most of the investment comes from a different course of investment.

He is a remarkable lawyer who suddenly chooses a path of investment. However, he is successful in his career as a lawyer. Also, he is the chairman of royal orchid, a hotel in Thailand. He also ranked in the 17th position on the list of 50 wealthy persons in Thailand. The monthly salary of this person is $200 million

This man is among the most prosperous in South Asia. He is also known as the best lawyer who turned into an investor. He is mainly focused on real estate law and gets the best reviews from the client, and has the best reputation in Bangkok in his field of practice. He was chosen as the representative of Thailand’s prime minister for his sharp intellect. He handles many legal issues and documents of the prime minister then. He also has his law firm, which has a good reputation.


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