Top Richest Lawyers of the World (2022)


3. Judge Judy


Birth date21st October
Real nameJudith Susan Blum
Net worth$420 million
ProfessionJudge, lawyer
Husband nameJerry Sheindlin

Here we are talking about the woman who takes 3rd place in this list. Susan Blum means Judge Judy. She is a Judge and a television personality both. She gets judged by Judy’s name from the television show, which shows her audience’s love for her side. She is a big part of the American court and the court administrator. 


But on the other, that is a media personality. She is also a producer, author, and family court judge in Manhattan. She produced her court show, which has more than twenty-five seasons and significantly impacted the audience. This show started on 1996 and continues till 2021. She also has a record in the Guinness book. She was also honored with the lifetime achievement award. 


She also launched a show on IMDb tv, a spin-off streaming of Judy justice. Her legal career started after she passed the bar council examination. After that, she starts working as a corporate lawyer . The first firm she started working with was cosmetics. But soon, she realizes this is not the thing she wants in her career. Later she starts working with the family court.

She started taking child abuse, domestic violence, and other family-related crimes. Then, she gets hired as a delinquent court judge. After working for four years there, she started working in a family court in Manhattan. She faced different situations in her life and witnessed different roles in her career. 

Now let’s talk about her entertainment career. She gets featured many times in the Los Angeles Times and 60 minutes. She gets famous in public with the reality courtroom serves, and her other show, the syndicated courtroom show, also gathered much attention. 


Her shows are on IMDb tv and amazon freebee. Also, she contributed a lot of this to amazon studios. She gave a lot of interviews on many talk shows and other cable news. She participates in entertainment tonight, the ellen DeGeneres, the wendy Williams shows, Katie, larry king live. 


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