Top Richest Lawyers of the World 2022


2. Bill Neukom


Birth date1942
Age80 years
Net worth$870 million

Now, guess whom we had on the list. The leading lawyer of Microsoft. Yes, it is time to know Bill Neukom. He gets his law degree from Stanford law school. He worked with Microsoft for more than twenty-five years and never disappointed them. He has been associated with cases like the US versus Microsoft and the trial of the century case. He is a skillful lawyer and handles everything with a very calm mind. 


He is the one trust pillar of Microsoft who handle all kind of legal documents and all such things for the company. When he retired, he was in law and corporate affairs, vice president. In the year of 2007, he is also selected as the president of the American bar association. His career is star-studded, and he witnessed the best time of his law career.


Did you hear about the name of the San Francisco giants? He has also become the CEO of that franchise. With his guidance and leadership, his team won the first world series. He is still associated with them and is now involved as a founder with them. In the World Justice Project, he is an associate as a president. With this organization’s help, he contributed to the rule of law and promoted development within every community. 

He is also in the San Francisco Giants baseball team from the management part of the owner. He was also a president 9f the American bar association. His brother’s name is Daniel Neukom, and his brother is a history teacher. He got his UG degree from Dartmouth College, and after that, he completed his education.

In their initial career, he served as a clerk of those. After that, he goes into the Seattle law firm Shidler, gates, and Lucas. After that, he got into Microsoft and built his remarkable career. He is entangled with Microsoft’s legal work from the company beginning at that time, and they only had twelve employees.


He also participates in Microsoft’s intellectual property-related issues and wins notable cases. Then after spending several great years in Microsoft, he again gets into the Preston Gates and Ellish. He is also a great investor in the team of giants. There are many dimensions in his career. And he is shining in all measurements.


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